We offer a wide range of services and solutions for small to large companies.

Research & Development

APEX R&D can be your IT partner from idea to implementation. We are all experienced people who love to think together with you. We first try to understand what the idea or improvement is, next we look at the underlying reasons why this is valuable and finally we look what would happen if you didn't do it! This process gives us a very clear picture of what we are trying to do. Next we will do a feasibility and market study, to figure out if the market is ready for the idea. Then we start our iterative development process and try to validate the idea in the real world as fast as we can. Finally we can roll-out and host the entire solution in a secure and scalable manner.

Capture, Share and Visualise Your Data

APEX R&D provides a cloud-based (or local) service to easily capture data, share it with others and get insights by using reports and charts. The solution works on both a desktop as tablet computer. If you are tired of searching for the latest Excel file, sending mails with data, merging different versions, than this service is for you. One url, that is it! Everybody always sees the latest and greatest data, just in their browser. All in a safe, scalable and secure environment.

Custom Application Development

APEX R&D aims to be a solid and trustworthy partner, helping its customers to facilitate, improve, and accelerate their business. Built on in-depth technological expertise, the company provides custom-made IT services and innovative solutions for managing business data and processes.


APEX R&D can be your right hand. You started with Oracle APEX or you already have a couple of months experience in APEX but you wonder how to improve your knowledge or project? Just give us a call, we are more than happy to coach you along your way. We love to share our knowledge and ideas! We can just do an audit, but we love to do more, we want to tell you why we recommend something and give you proof and insight, so next time you can verify yourself.


APEX R&D preferred method of doing training, is training on the job. You probably want to follow some training for a specific reason. We want to take that reason and integrate it in our training. You might want to start a specific project or you might want to know what APEX can do at your company, we want to know about it and we will make a training that fulfills your needs today. We also provide more classic and public training; APEX Rookie (Websheets), APEX Guru Basic, APEX Guru Advanced.


APEX R&D provides experienced people for short to long missions. We are available to answer any of your questions, do demos and proof of concepts or just enforce your team with additional experienced architects and developers.

Mobile Enablement

APEX R&D strongly believes mobile is the next big thing and should be taken seriously. Most of our applications are responsive, but if more native or hybrid applications make more sense, we go with that.